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July 14, 2019

"To Infinity and Beyond"
Pastor Michele Lott

"One Ring at a Time"
Pastor Michele Lott

"Transformed Instead of Conformed"
Pastor Michele Lott

"Connected to Jesus"
Pastor Michele Lott

"It Just Gets Better and Better"
Pastor Michele Lott

"Purpose and Power in the Chaos"
Pastor Michele Lott

Points to Ponder



1. We all have lives of influence and we all have the opportunity (and the power) for our influence to reach beyond any boundery.


2. Jesus has the authority to send us into the world to make disciples - who are we to deny His trust in us?


3. When we go out to do God's work, no matter how intimidating the task, God provides everything we need to get it done.


4. God's "to do" list for the church (the people, not the building) has only three items: make disciples, live as disciples, baptize everyone.


5. How am I contributing to the work of the church? How can I be more faithful yo Jesus' great commission?



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