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April 5, 2020

Sermon Series: "Journey to the Cross"

 "Palm Sunday"
Pastor Michele Lott

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"Extravagant Love and Devotion"
Pastor Michele Lott

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"Destroying Detractions"
Pastor Michele Lott

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"Important Interruptions Along the Journey
Pastor Michele Lott


"Beginning of the 'End'"
Pastor Michele Lott


"He Was Warned"
Pastor Michele Lott

Bible Verse


Mark 11:1-11


Points to Ponder


1. As much as the crowd can influence our emotions and actions, our soul constantly long for and praise the Holy One.
2. Jesus inverted people’s expectations in almost every way.
3. Jesus was exalted and rejected as he entered and as he died.
4. Our lives can be acts of praise and may invite others
to recognize the King of kings in the least obvious situations.
5. How can I honor Jesus this week?








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