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February 16, 2020

Sermon Series: "Jesus, The Original Millenial"


"Stepping in and Stepping up"
Pastor Michele Lott


"Temptation and Pain"
Pastor Michele Lott


"Sinless But Not Perfect"
Pastor Michele Lott

"Flight for Life"
Pastor Michele Lott

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"Recognized and Proclaimed"
Pastor Michele Lott

"Claiming and Launching"
Pastor Michele Lott

"Jesus, The Original Millenial"
Pastor Michele Lott

Bible Verse



Points to Ponder


  1. 1. Our culture often utilizes a scarcity mindset to motivate individuals.

    2. We often feel powerless when we witness a great need.

    3. The servants are the ones who are most aware of the need and who first experience the miracle.

    4. As disciples and servants, each of us is called to bring every need to Jesus and to take action.

    5. What work can I do for Jesus so that the world might experience God’s abundance?









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