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Are you new to Chapel Hill?

Here are somethings we would love for you to know about us.


  • We are a friendly church, we welcome everyone to come be part of this community of faith. If you have any questions or feel lost at anytime, please don’t hesitate to ask someone.

  • Where to park? We have 2 spaces dedicated to our first time guests. They are located near the front of our worship space. Other than these special spaces for first timers and our spaces for the disabled… there is no assigned parking. Park in any marked spot. (See picture below)

  • Children are an important part of our community. They require special attention and we love to give it to them. We have a children’s message in our worship services. We have children’s and Youth Sunday School classes. We have a nursery and many special events designed just for kids.

  • How do I join the church? Simply fill out a blue card located in seats during worship and then come forward during the invitation. The requirements are that you believe in Jesus Christ, have been baptized and agree to support the church with your prayers, presence, gifts and service. Talk to Pastor Michele if you have any questions.

  • How do I join a group? There are lots of different small groups around the church. Our small groups perform 3 functions. They provide “in-reach”, “out-reach” and “deep-reach”. In-reach means that small groups take care of one another. They do things like sending birthday cards, visiting one another in the hospital and generally walking through life with one another. Out-reach means the group will reach outside of itself to do the work of the kingdom. Each group does this differently. Outreach can be sending cards to our members who are sick. It might mean organizing a school supply drive. It could also mean sponsoring a wheel chair ramp or some other mission project. Deep-reach refers to reaching deeper toward God. Small groups will study and seek God together. Contact the church office if you need help finding a group that is right for you. We encourage everyone to be part of a small group because faith grows when you are part of a weekly small group.

  • What are the requirements to take Holy Communion? The ONLY requirement to receive Holy Communion here is that you desire to meet Christ at the table. You don’t have to be a member of a church. You don’t have to be afraid. We know many have issues with alcohol, so we use grape juice. Gluten allergies are becoming common, so we have gluten free options too. We want to make sure there are no obstacles to the table, because this is a common place to meet Jesus and that is the most important thing we do.

  • How do I get baptized? Make an appointment with Pastor Michele and she will answer any questions you might have. He will setup a time for the baptism to happen during one of our worship services.

  • How do I get involved in ministry? Each ministry has a leader. To get involved, simply contact the leader to get started. Most of our ministries just require you to show up, but some that include children, require a background check. If there is a ministry you feel called to start, talk with Pastor Michele for the next steps.

  • How does the church reach out to the community? We are part of the community. We know there are many needs and we know God’s love can make a difference. We have a food pantry, we deliver Meals on Wheels, we host an addiction ministry called Recovery at San Antonio, we host Green Bridges Community garden to work with youth who have been assigned community service. We also have a parish nurse and a counselor. We host a Thanksgiving day meal as well as working closely with Wesley Health and Wellness center. We have a team who serves meals at Haven for Hope. We hold a Vacation Bible School for children in the summer. We have a Blessing of the Backpacks before school starts and we make breakfast tacos for the teachers of the schools in our neighborhood. There are many other ways we reach out to work with people in our community.

  • What makes the United Methodist Church different? The UMC comes from the teachings of John Wesley. He taught that our faith has is made up of personal holiness and social holiness. That means we work to deepen our faith in Jesus and we show the love we learn from Him to our neighbor. Jesus said (Matthew 22:36-40) the greatest commandment is to love God and neighbor and this love is the basis of all the teachings of the law and the prophets. Grace is the word used for the love of God within the world and it is the basis of everything we do.

How do I contact the church with other questions? Our phone number is (210) 673-0000 and the church email is Be sure to check our our Facebook page too ( Feel free to contact the office or Pastor Michele with any questions.


Parking for newcomers

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